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Here you can find everything you need to know including:
Dates and Entry,  Event Information,Volunteers, The Trails,  The Golden Ticket and T&C’s





Here you can find everything you need to know including:
Dates and Entry,  Event Information,Volunteers, The Trails,  The Golden Ticket and T&C’s




This year we will have a limited transfer window from December 24 - January 12. For a $10 fee we can transfer your entry to another person or refund you and cancel your entry. A transfer form will be placed here on Dec 24.

If you have to withdraw after Jan 12 let us know, but we will not be able to change entries at that stage.

We’ve been pretty cruisy with this in the past, but basically we just get slammed and it takes alot of time following it all up, editing entry lists and t shirt orders etc etc.


—WITHDRAWLS - email if you wish to withdraw and be refunded. Include a bank account number


The new entrant should pay the old entrant the entry fee of $200, a $10 transfer fee must be paid to us, doesn’t matter who pays it. Most likely the new antrant, they will receive the bank account automatically when the form is complete. We dont process a transfer untill the fee is received.








Spoke Gallery Jason beacham-23.jpg

Event Information


Event Information



2019 date -  February 2 and 3



Opens onsite at 8am Saturday.

At registration you’ll be given your racing number (which includes transponder) and meal/shuttle passes.

If you have any other problems or issues the team there will be able to help you and if you have problems during the event go there.



The grading system at Wairoa is your standard 5 grade system, we have grades 2-5. Be prepared for a higher level of riding than most other bike parks. Roots, rocks, and general Gnar.

On Saturday you must ride with a buddy, and stick together. We have a big network of trails and besides our sweepers and marshals this is how we will know you’re all ok out there.




 8.00am Saturday - Registration Begins at Barry’s Flat

8.30am Saturday - Event Briefing

8.45am Saturday - First Shuttle runs begin at Swing Bridge

11.30am-2.00pm  - Saturday - Lunch available at Barrys FlatBBQ provided from (11-2 approx)

3.30pm Saturday - Final Shuttle pick up for the day.


SUNDAY 3rd February – RACE DAY

8.30 am Sunday – RACE BRIEFING

8.50 am Sunday – First uplift for riders (check your age categories and seedings)

9.30 am Sunday – First Race run begins.

 9.50 am Sunday – Second Race run begins.

 12.00 pm Sunday – Third race uplift  (check your age categories and seedings)

 12.30 pm Sunday – Third race run begins

 12.30 pm Sunday – BBQ begins for riders finishing last run.

 2.00pm Sunday – Last riders head down Third Run

 3.30pm Sunday – Prize Giving (As close to 330pm as possible)

 6.00pm-10.00pm SUNDAY – Debrief Function  - EAST ST CAFE -  8 Church st, Nelson


Stages must be contested on the same bike. The bicycle must be in good working order.  It is your responsibility to check bikes are secure on shuttle trailers.

Gloves and Knee pads are compulsory.

Full face helmets and elbow pads are recommended.

Every rider must wear a helmet at all times.

Spare parts/tools please bring the following;


Spare Hangers

Chain Link

Brake Pads

Dual Ply tyres

Multi Tool

BRad cycle service will be on site, bring cash or credit card.

Nelson’s weather is reasonably stable but the Wairoa Gorge can be changeable. This event starts at the top of the mountains 1000m above sea level, so come prepared with thermal top, waterproof jacket, leg/arm warmers etc – even if it’s fine and sunny in Nelson.



Your entry fee covers your lunch, you’ll get a feed each day.

There will be water stations on site.

Bring snack food and drinks.

We have a coffee cart on site, BRING CASH.

There is limited to no food for guests at this stage, if you are bringing guests let them know to cater for themselves.



The Wairoa Gorge trails are located 1 hour south east of Nelson. Click here for a Google map and directions, or read below.


Headwest out of Nelson past Richmond to Brightwater, turn left at the Wairoa Gorge sign onto River Terrace Road, drive 3.6km, turn right into Wairoa Gorge Rd (cell coverage stops here), drive 7km, turn left following Wairoa Gorge Road,drive 5km, turn left into Left branch of Wairoa Gorge (this is Old Mill Rd) and follow to the end approx. 10km, there is a green forestry gate that we will leave open, continue approx. 4km past the gate.

A large section of this route is gravel road and there are fords to cross. 4WD is not necessary but please drive carefully on narrow gravel roads.

There will be plenty of onsite parking.

Note the venue is on private land and is not open to the public outside of this event, please don’t head out there to ride at any other time, trespasses will be prosecuted and publicly ridiculed.



We will be having a function in Town on the Sunday night, 6-10 PM EAST ST CAFE, 8 church st, Nelson

Some nibble sprovided, food and drinka avaliable for purchase.  Live DJ








Volunteering to help at the DME is a great way of being part of the event, and getting to ride the trails. As a volunteer you'll help run the DME and get rewarded with food for the weekend, a chance at some spot prizes, a MONS ROYALE CREW TEE SHIRT and a pre event function in Nelson On the Wednesday before the event.

We have a crack team of volunteers that have helped run the DME for six years. Heaps of them come back year after year, but we are always looking for some fresh faces and unbroken backs.

Please enter your details HERE if you are interested in Volunteering and we'll let you know if we need a hand.


Driving Shuttles

Loading and Unloading shuttles



Trail Marshalling (includes riding grade 4/5 trails) 


Weds 30th Jan - (approx 630-830pm) Function in Nelson (location TBC) - dinner and drinks, event briefing.

Saturday 2nd Feb - 800am - 500pm - day one of event

Sunday 3rd Feb - 800am - 330pm - day two of event

Sunday 3rd Feb - 630pm - Event debrief in Nelson (location TBC)





The Trails

The Trails

The Trails

The Trails


Wairoa Gorge – Tasting Notes

You’re probably feeling like a kid in a lolly shop right now, wondering what to go for first? You do have to choose – the 54 trails of the Wairoa Gorge add up to just over 70km of lovingly crafted singletrack. If you put them one on top of the other the trail would start 131m higher than the summit of Everest and finish on the beach. These notes may help in your decisions – but don’t worry, you can’t go wrong.


Alaskan Pipeline – Grade 4

Creatively awkward, brilliantly frustrating, the various man made features are like the demented ranting’s of some evil trailbuilding genius. A “full Pipeline” is a must for those who’ll ‘try anything once’.


Au Naturel – Grade 4

Gently sloping ridge with big old gnarly beech trees and a few mossy rocks. Riding as nature intended.  


Bermed As – Grade 3

Swoopy berms through pine forest. Another top rated trail for the flow junkies.


Benched As – Grade 2

Smooth cruising through pine forest with a side of skinny logrides. This is a trail for all paces, gentle or flat out. Benched As Bro!


Bipolar – Grade 2

Named after one of the builders endearing personality disorder. A gentle cruise between the top huts with great views.


Bloody Priest – Grade 5

You know a trail is gnarly when you end up in A and E just building it! Get to the bottom of this without dabbing or bleeding and your going good.


Boulder Dash – Grade 4

A high speed technical rampage through the sweating jungle of the lower hill, this is a trail that will ride you if your not focused.


Broken Nun – Grade 5

The first track built on the hill, “The Nun”cuts steeply down a rocky, rooty ridgeline. Like that first coffee of the day, it’s short, quick and black.


Chase The Orange – Grade 3

Three smooth traverses on open flowing trail. Cut out just after Mundy 500 to get back to the Quarry.


Cheesy Morts – Grade 3 

Pedal in hard and keep pumping those rollers, you’ll bee grinning like a cheesy old Cheshire cat by the end.


Creamed Rice – Grade 3

Just like it says on the tin: smooth, tasty and a trailbuilders favourite.


Devil’s Armor – Grade 4

A technical loop above Irvine’s Hut with a short sharp climb and a sweet descent from the summit. Lap record: 7min 


Devolution – Grade 4

Arguably some of the most visually impressive trail on the hill, this trail is steep, exposed and surprisingly flowy.  



The original ‘Dark Side’ trail ‘Deeds’ drops straight into steep, rubbly, forested gullies before and traversing across open boulder faces with incredible views over the valley.


D.M.T. – GRADE 4

Dodzy Memorial Trail. A true masterpiece, which words cannot justify. Must ride.



Wide, fast superbench with lots of jumps and no switchbacks.



Named after the trailbuilders occasional urge to wander off and do something completely different, Free Range traverses through a range of vegetation zones and trail surfaces… at speed.

Give it a Nudge – Grade 4

This short but insanely technical climb will take you back to the top of Weiner Rd after riding the cut lines. A real challenge.


Goonslapper – Grade 4

Minimalist benching with plenty of natural roots and off camber.


Gotten Rotten – Grade 4

A veritable ‘goatorway’ for animal movements up and down the hill you don’t need hooves and horns to ride this trail but it helps.


Happy Ending – Grade 3

An adventurous pedally trail along the ridgeline with a pinchy climb at the end.


Huhu – Grade 3

Mellow but technical in Manuka and Pine, with some wriggling trail snacks in the rotten wood at the bottom.


Instant Kiwi – Grade 4

Scratch it and win! Steep cornflakey beech forest tech at its very best!


Jumanji – Grade 4

Roots, berms, jumps and big old supplejack vines if you’re in the mood for a Tarzan swing.


Kidnapper – Grade 3

Just about everybody’s got a trail dog these days but a baby goat used to be on the crew when this trail was under construction – no kidding!


Kurtology – Grade 3

Starts loose and chunky in lush native before finding smooth jumpy lines in the big radiata.



Multiple Personality Disorder. Dark and drifty downhill trail in close pines one minute, then pedally beech forest the next.



Drop, rockgarden, skinny, berms, bridge, seesaw, rollover, chute, roots, booter, off-­‐camber – this trail reads like a catalogue of available track features.



A challenging line that combines barely raked in beech forest floor with flowy berms and jumps near the bottom.



Steep corners with some committing sections this is the easiest of the blacks and has some great terrain features to tackle.



A true rollercoaster, you need blind faith and no brakes to make the many step-­‐ups, hips and doubles on this track.



Wide, flowy and smooth. This is the most ridden trail in the park for good reason. Laid back and loads of fun.



Technical climbing with a few sneaky bits but every bit worth it for the summit at 1100m and the natural trails back down.



Don’t want to queue for the shuttle? 35 switchbacks over 3km take you gently up from Weiner Rd to Gibbs Hut. A sub 30 minute climb that’s 1x10 friendly.

Pro Cut Line – Grade 3

Cut lines are the inner workings of the park: direct access to the heads of emerging trails. Natural and slidey.


Quattro – Grade 3

In the beginning, riders had to take the steep road down the last 200m of the hill. All 4 crews came together to right this tragic waste of gravity and the result is Quattro. The keystone of the trail network this is a trail you cannot tire of – stomach churning views and playful hits leave you buzzing every time.


Rainbow Surfer – Grade 3

The Big Mal to Kidnapper’s Fish, this trail crests and troughs its way down the open slope below Quattro.


Red Line – Grade 4

Another great Dark Side adventure. Rubbly, beech slopes to smooth ferny corners as you get down towards the river.


Road to Nowhere – Grade 3

A long fast sidle along the northern boundary takes you back from the Weiner Rd cut lines.

NB: downhill only during the DME Event!


Screaming Turtle – Grade 4

The Weka’s evil twin. Natural corners with catchy berms and toothy rockgardens.


Sewer Sidle – Grade 3

Trailbuilder toilet etiquette is to do your business away from the trail and never between the marking tape. But when you’ve gotta.

Slippery Weka – Grade 4

This is high-­‐speed root infested flow riding at its best, just add water and try and keep your feet on!


Snakes and Ladders – Grade 4

Sweet wall-ride at the start then roots and bridges all the way down.


Steel Pancake – Grade 3

The clay below Irvine’s hut has seen many versions of the jump track over the years but this is A-line Gorge-style. Digger built hero jumps and mega berms.


Stephen – Grade 4

Despite having the only woman on the hill, trail crew 4 always had more than its fair share of homoerotic camaraderie. Go down on Stephen to get across to Red Line and Devolution trails.


Third Time Lucky – Grade 4

It took three tries to get this trail right but the balance of natural straights and scooped clay corners is just the ticket.


Tubuck Munch – Grade 2

Keiran Hambrook would eat anything for a couple of dollars: wood, dirt even a 2 dollar coin. Gentle gradient with superb flow.


Waterfall Crawl – Grade 3

Up for an adventure? This cruisy but colourful climb rewards with a characterful bivvy hut and outstanding waterfall. Return via No Fly Zone. NB Please do not ride down Waterfall Crawl as it is the climbing access.