2020 DME Announcement

The DME Crew and 440 MTB Park are absolutely pumped to announce the 8th Annual DME, remembering our great mate James ‘Dodzy’ Dodds, will be held at the new location of 440 MTB park this summer, February 1/2 2020.

The event format will be much the same as the previous DME’s at the Wairoa Gorge, with the added attraction of on site camping and festivities. We definitely want to push the social and memorial element’s of the event while still providing some sick tracks for what should be pretty competitive racing.

The decision to move from the Gorge this year is in no way a permanant one, we’ve pencilled in a return in mid November 2020, will wait and see what transpires there. The Nelson MTB Club’s ‘Aorere’ is their big focus this year so we wish them well with that, it should be an awesome showcase of what the Nelson MTB community has acheived in the last few years (That’s labour weekend in case you havent locked it in).

Byron Scott the manager of 440 MTB park was a great mate of Dodzy’s and has attended previous editions of the DME, even bagged a top step on the masters podium. He’s a ball of intoxicating energy when it comes to planning this year’s edition, we really are pumped to get the ball rolling and share the plans with you all. This isn’t some ruthless capitalist takeover, it’s just some mates collaberating to make sure we continue the remember Dodzy and what he and the race mean to us in the best way.

44o Bike park is located South East of Auckland and we are confident it will be pretty straight forward to get you there, we hope to provide shuttles from Auckland airport for those flying in.

Cheers for all of your on going support of this event. Bear or beer with us as we get the planning ticked off and get information to you.

DME2020440 - yeah boi



Hey guys, just some quick notes that we would really like you to check out before coming along on Saturday.



It’s a biggy, don’t be fooled by what ever the weather is on the day it’s still major.  Fire will will move quickly. Our plan is to have the means on site to monitor potential fires starting at anticipated risk zones and put them out quickly. If an event occurs we plan to stop you all the first time you see a marshal and guide you to a safe route to a skid side, then to Barry’s flat, then off property.  We have support from the fire service who are well aware of what we are doing and where are confident in our plans. We want you to do and consider the following things;

-       NO SMOKING or any other flames or combustibles on site.

-       VEHICLES are the biggest risk, when coming to site don’t pull over in long grass. Be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious keep coming into the park and let us know. We will have two vehicles on the road in with comms and means to put out a small fire. When you arrive in site you’ll park in the field at Poms flat (its sign posted), we will supervise it for potential fires starting later.  Everyone must park in that field, do not park at Barry’s flat, in an emergency we need to use that area.

-       While riding keep you eyes open, its generally the most efficient way to see what’s in front of you, if you see anything like a fire use your map (provided at rego) to navigate to the next Marshall and inform them. If you are beneath the marshalls get to Barrys flat or pick up area.

-       If there is a fire, stay at Barrys flat if you are there or get to a marshall. Marshals will inform you if anything is going on as you get to them.

-       Don’t leave site in an emergency with out being told to or informing us, we need to account for everybody.

-       Don’t call 111 or any other emergency services in an emergency, tell a marshal, they can radio race management and have it sorted.

-       Extinguishers, it would be ideal if there was one in every car coming to site, if you have one. If you have small portable ones, put it in ya backpack. Seriously.



-       There will be no spectating on the trails on Saturday

-       Spectating on Sunday is ok, but spectators must sign in and get a wrist band at Rego. They will then be tols where they can go. There will only be two spectating positions, one at the end of stage 1 and one at the end of stage 3. We cannot afford to have spectators on site that we can’t account for and they cannot be more than a 10 min walk from Barry’s Flat, sorry, but that’s that.

-       Spectators coming late must still sign in and must park in main carpark. If someone blocks the road, the car goes in the river.. well, we probably


-       The roads in good condition, but it is dusty. Watch following distances, have lights on. Respect other road users. BE VERY CAREFUL IF PULLING OVER, hot cars + dry vegetation = game over

-       wont but we will be very upset with you. Don’t park on or beside any road ways.

-       Only park in the designated carpark



-       We have  ride tops for those that pre ordered to pick up at the event.

-       There are a limited number of DME singlets that can be purchased this year. $35 each, bring cash. First in, first served.

-       We have some DME stickers, Gold coin donation, money goes to a charity (haven’t decided yet, let us know if you have any ideas)

-       All of this is available at REGO.

-       COFFEE – Tracy is on site, bring Cash



-       Register when you arrive at Barrys flat.

-       Rego open at 8am.

-       You will get timing chip at Irvines hut (shuttle drop off) when you go to your seeding run, it will be clear, ask if you’re not sure.



-       We will confirm what times it will be open at Breifing



-       We will have a briefing on Saturday at 830am, Compulsory. If you arrive late we will brief you at rego, you will also be given a sheet with map and briefing notes.

-       The Sunday Briefing will be at 830 am also.



-       We always have massive congestion during the first run’s of the morning,  We have vehicles capacity to move 160 people in one run of our convoys, there are 280 people. MATHS. We’ve considered different options, but ultimately can’t see a way around it that isn’t way too much admin to organize. Be patient, have a coffee, do some stretching.  When you do your first run, make it a big one, go up Gibbs peak, have a pedal. Doing a quick run first will only make the congestion worse.



-       Tom Jerram and the team are on site. I doubt you would get a more qualified crew of medics at a bike event anywhere, use them. Call us via our marshalls who are all over the hill. There will be triage at Barry’s flat for cuts and  whatevers.

-       CONCUSSION – Tom has a concussion app he would like you to download to self assess, it’s a really good idea.  Its at the bottom of this document, please download.  Please don’t beat around the bush with this, if you hit your head let us know. We don’t want your head on our head.

-       The Heat will be an issue, come prepared, drink water, replace electrolytes.

-       Wasps have been baited, they are still present in some places. Gibbs peak being one. If you have allergies let us know if you haven’t already.



-       There is a group ride for MCGAZZA in Richmond on Friday night, info below or on our facebook page or MCGazza’s facebook page.



-       If you were placed in the wrong category we need to know, if you have emailed us we will correct by Saturday. When you sign in at Seeding run it’s easy as to change so don’t stress.  The Starting list with categories is on the website under NEWS tab. (it hasn’t been edited since posting, so if you’ve emailed us, again, we are on it, but don’t have time to edit)

-       Categories are based on you age at the END of 2019.




-       If you need to know anything else check the website. Or email or message us, don’t call,  we are out and about. See you out there, thanks for supporting the DME

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.53.06 am.png
HitCheck concussion app instructions for riders.jpg


Below is the start list for the 2019 DME

If there are any probs, let us know asap


53 Alastair Gregory Masters 30-39 Men

148 Alex Hedh Masters 30-39 Men

63 Alex Kingsley Masters 30-39 Men

240 amani  mcintyre Masters 30-39 Men

26 Andre Jaworski Masters 30-39 Men

157 Andrew Lucas Masters 30-39 Men

158 Andrew Maddever Masters 30-39 Men

150 arend hoek Masters 30-39 Men

56 Ash Millar Masters 30-39 Men

164 Ashton Oliver Masters 30-39 Men

173 Ben Sandle Masters 30-39 Men

93 Boyd Grinstead Masters 30-39 Men

152 Brad Johns Masters 30-39 Men

140 Bradley Choice Masters 30-39 Men

59 Bradley Collins Masters 30-39 Men

241 Cam  Moore Masters 30-39 Men

134 Cam Birch Masters 30-39 Men

153 Charles Jones Masters 30-39 Men

72 Chris Owen Masters 30-39 Men

166 Chris Perry Masters 30-39 Men

77 cole read Masters 30-39 Men

37 Corey Russ Masters 30-39 Men

10 Cowboy McGinnity Masters 30-39 Men

36 Craig Scott Masters 30-39 Men

87 Dale Scott Masters 30-39 Men

144 Dan Forster Masters 30-39 Men

84 Dan Raggett Masters 30-39 Men

175 Dan Sharpe Masters 30-39 Men

71 Dan Taylor Masters 30-39 Men

94 Daniel Morton Masters 30-39 Men

83 Dave Blower Masters 30-39 Men

155 David kennedy Masters 30-39 Men

141 Davide Conti Masters 30-39 Men

161 Dayne Mcknight Masters 30-39 Men

24 Dom Stulen Masters 30-39 Men

145 Garrett Grigg Masters 30-39 Men

139 Gary Campbell Masters 30-39 Men

78 Glenn Kempton Masters 30-39 Men

146 Grant  Harris Masters 30-39 Men

31 Hamish Berkett Masters 30-39 Men

160 Hayden  Mckay Masters 30-39 Men

171 Hernan Rios Masters 30-39 Men

85 Isaac Chamberlain Masters 30-39 Men

75 James Duncan Masters 30-39 Men

163 James Mulcahy Masters 30-39 Men

165 James Parmenter Masters 30-39 Men

149 Jamie Higgins Masters 30-39 Men

132 Jarrod  Bang Masters 30-39 Men

61 jason gurr Masters 30-39 Men

50 Jeff Collins Masters 30-39 Men

167 Jimmy  Pollard Masters 30-39 Men

43 Jonathon Clearwater Masters 30-39 Men

52 Josh Cody Masters 30-39 Men

242 Joshua Morris Masters 30-39 Men

174 Jude Saxon Masters 30-39 Men

156 justin leov Masters 30-39 Men

82 Kiel Boynton Masters 30-39 Men

5 Kurt Lancaster Masters 30-39 Men

54 Lewis Simpson Masters 30-39 Men

133 Liam  Batt Masters 30-39 Men

172 Lindsay Rush Masters 30-39 Men

48 Luke Leitis Masters 30-39 Men

143 Mark Davidge Masters 30-39 Men

33 Mark Newton Masters 30-39 Men

67 Matt Freeman Masters 30-39 Men

177 Matt Smith Masters 30-39 Men

147 Michael  Hayward Masters 30-39 Men

42 Michael Brake Masters 30-39 Men

137 Michael Burns Masters 30-39 Men

178 Michael Stewart Masters 30-39 Men

131 Mike Cowlin Masters 30-39 Men

32 Mike Robertson Masters 30-39 Men

170 Morgan  Rigby Masters 30-39 Men

35 Nic Ward Masters 30-39 Men

154 Nick Kemp Masters 30-39 Men

81 NOah Hosie Masters 30-39 Men

180 Odin Woods Masters 30-39 Men

162 Peter Miller Masters 30-39 Men

176 Philip Shorley Masters 30-39 Men

179 Rhys Telford Masters 30-39 Men

136 Rowan Bunting Masters 30-39 Men

142 Sam  Currie Masters 30-39 Men

224 Sam Chapman-Molloy Masters 30-39 Men

169 Scott Rewi Masters 30-39 Men

159 Shaun McFadden Masters 30-39 Men

221 Simon  Campbell Masters 30-39 Men

138 Stephen Butler Masters 30-39 Men

151 Tim Holtrop Masters 30-39 Men

168 Tristan  Rawlence Masters 30-39 Men

101 Agata Bulska Masters 30-39 Women

108 Amelia Wilkins Masters 30-39 Women

102 Amy  Cole Masters 30-39 Women

104 Deanna Elvines Masters 30-39 Women

99 Hollie Beaumont Masters 30-39 Women

115 Jess  Enlund Masters 30-39 Women

103 Karen Collins Masters 30-39 Women

107 Lucie Vodrazkova Masters 30-39 Women

16 Maiki Andersen Masters 30-39 Women

18 Meagan Robertson Masters 30-39 Women

14 Pippa Holdom Masters 30-39 Women

13 Renee Wilson Masters 30-39 Women

100 robyn blyth Masters 30-39 Women

98 Rohan  Batt Masters 30-39 Women

106 Samantha  Read Masters 30-39 Women

19 Tracey Dearlove Masters 30-39 Women

187 Adam Mitchell Old Mates 50+ Men

38 Barrie Wallington Old Mates 50+ Men

65 Brett Irving Old Mates 50+ Men

86 Brian Alder Old Mates 50+ Men

182 Bruce  Chick Old Mates 50+ Men

185 Dave Hicks Old Mates 50+ Men

89 David Carlyon Old Mates 50+ Men

29 Emil de Vries Old Mates 50+ Men

189 hugh reynolds Old Mates 50+ Men

183 John Cobb Old Mates 50+ Men

47 john jacob Old Mates 50+ Men

74 Matt Tebbs Old Mates 50+ Men

190 Mike Stylianou Old Mates 50+ Men

188 Mildie Monsta Old Mates 50+ Men

184 Phil Etheridge Old Mates 50+ Men

95 rhys lyall Old Mates 50+ Men

186 Tristan  Leov Old Mates 50+ Men

109 Melanie Blomfield Old Mates 50+ Women

194 Ben Friel Pro Elite Men

9 Ben Karalus Pro Elite Men

8 Brady Stone Pro Elite Men

210 Callan Ridge Pro Elite Men

193 Cam Cole Pro Elite Men

206 Charlie Murray Pro Elite Men

6 Cole Lucas Pro Elite Men

197 Connor Hamilton Pro Elite Men

199 Connor Harvey Pro Elite Men

4 Connor McCormick Pro Elite Men

203 Conor Macfarlane Pro Elite Men

208 Evan Powell Pro Elite Men

196 Guy Gibbs Pro Elite Men

45 Jake Boylett Pro Elite Men

96 James Rennie Pro Elite Men

202 Jamie  Lyall Pro Elite Men

192 Jeppe Bob Bertelsen Pro Elite Men

209 John Richardson Pro Elite Men

3 Jonas Meier Pro Elite Men

195 Jorge Garcia Vidal Pro Elite Men

215 Keegan Wright Pro Elite Men

2 Kieran Bennett Pro Elite Men

27 Leonard Sonntag Pro Elite Men

198 loui  harvey Pro Elite Men

191 Mads Bo Andersen Pro Elite Men

214 Matt Scoles Pro Elite Men

205 Nigel McDowell Pro Elite Men

212 Pete Robinson Pro Elite Men

207 Reece Potter Pro Elite Men

21 Reuben Miller Pro Elite Men

201 richard leacock Pro Elite Men

1 Sam Blenkinsop Pro Elite Men

211 sam robbie Pro Elite Men

283 Samuel Shaw Pro Elite Men

200 Shannon Hewetson Pro Elite Men

7 Tom Bradshaw Pro Elite Men

213 Tom Sampson Pro Elite Men

204 Wyn Masters Pro Elite Men

11 Anja McDonald Pro Elite Women

20 Rae Morrison Pro Elite Women

225 Alex Corbet Senior 16-29 Men

250 Alfie Simmons Senior 16-29 Men

68 Ben Gibson Senior 16-29 Men

39 Ben Harris Senior 16-29 Men

255 Ben Tyas Senior 16-29 Men

236 Boaz Hebblethwaite Senior 16-29 Men

247 Brendan Regan Senior 16-29 Men

229 Cameron  Dodd Senior 16-29 Men

235 Chris  Hamilton Senior 16-29 Men

239 Connor Leov Senior 16-29 Men

245 Cullen Paurini Senior 16-29 Men

231 Daniel Ewers Senior 16-29 Men

41 Daniel Kuchler Senior 16-29 Men

23 Florian de Vries Senior 16-29 Men

248 Glen Riley Senior 16-29 Men

253 Gruff Tomos Senior 16-29 Men

230 Henry  Evans Senior 16-29 Men

34 Hunter Chung Senior 16-29 Men

223 James Carrington Senior 16-29 Men

30 Jay Lang Senior 16-29 Men

227 Jesse Cseh Senior 16-29 Men

49 John Butler Senior 16-29 Men

44 jordan phipps Senior 16-29 Men

238 Joseph Jury Senior 16-29 Men

232 Kane Fleury Senior 16-29 Men

251 Kennedy Stratford Senior 16-29 Men

243 Lewis Murphy Senior 16-29 Men

256 Lucas Walch Senior 16-29 Men

216 Matt Berry Senior 16-29 Men

249 Matthew Robinson Senior 16-29 Men

228 Mitch Currie Senior 16-29 Men

254 Nathan Tucker Senior 16-29 Men

252 Niall Sutherland Senior 16-29 Men

217 Nicolas Bizeray Senior 16-29 Men

218 Nik Borland Senior 16-29 Men

237 Nolan Jaenicke Senior 16-29 Men

60 Pat Hutchinson Senior 16-29 Men

226 Patrik Corbett Senior 16-29 Men

62 Rani Bear Senior 16-29 Men

25 Reuben Bensemann Senior 16-29 Men

219 Robbie Bradshaw Senior 16-29 Men

246 Samuel  Radford-Park Senior 16-29 Men

220 Samuel Calow Senior 16-29 Men

244 Seamus O'Donnell Senior 16-29 Men

76 Sebastian Nicholson Senior 16-29 Men

51 Spencer Cathman Senior 16-29 Men

222 Steve Carpenter Senior 16-29 Men

64 Tayne Birss Senior 16-29 Men

69 Thomas Ashley Senior 16-29 Men

233 toby glen Senior 16-29 Men

28 todd ballance Senior 16-29 Men

234 tom gulson Senior 16-29 Men

122 Alice West Senior 16-29 Women

112 Audrey Chevillat Senior 16-29 Women

119 Ben Oakeley Senior 16-29 Women

121 Brooke Thompson Senior 16-29 Women

15 Caitlin Mitchell Senior 16-29 Women

12 Cati Pearson Senior 16-29 Women

116 Charlotte Frost Senior 16-29 Women

110 Emma Bateup Senior 16-29 Women

114 Eva Dethlefsen Senior 16-29 Women

111 Harriet Beaven Senior 16-29 Women

117 Mal Grey Senior 16-29 Women

120 Melissa Penrose Senior 16-29 Women

113 Nikki Clarke Senior 16-29 Women

118 Olivia Lambert Senior 16-29 Women

17 Robin Pieper Senior 16-29 Women

267 aaron hogg Veteran 40-49 Men

269 Alistair Jamieson Veteran 40-49 Men

263 andy cullen Veteran 40-49 Men

66 Brendan Clarke Veteran 40-49 Men

277 Brendon Reid Veteran 40-49 Men

135 Cameron Bisset Veteran 40-49 Men

270 Chris Jopson Veteran 40-49 Men

79 Chris Young Veteran 40-49 Men

271 Danny Maude Veteran 40-49 Men

282 Derek Winwood Veteran 40-49 Men

278 Gary Smith Veteran 40-49 Men

273 Gav McCarthy Veteran 40-49 Men

90 gavin knox Veteran 40-49 Men

57 Glenn Richardson Veteran 40-49 Men

275 Greg Meadows Veteran 40-49 Men

274 Jason Mclaren Veteran 40-49 Men

40 Jeff Carter Veteran 40-49 Men

281 Jonny Waghorn Veteran 40-49 Men

264 Kevin  English Veteran 40-49 Men

279 Kevin  Toughey Veteran 40-49 Men

260 Lee Buhagiar Veteran 40-49 Men

70 Luke Hollister Veteran 40-49 Men

257 Mark Quayle Veteran 40-49 Men

55 Mat Wright Veteran 40-49 Men

73 Matt Ayloff Veteran 40-49 Men

265 Max Gough Veteran 40-49 Men

258 Mike Anderson Veteran 40-49 Men

22 Nicholas Sutcliffe Veteran 40-49 Men

276 Nick Moore Veteran 40-49 Men

92 Nick Reuther Veteran 40-49 Men

91 Quesi Mercier Veteran 40-49 Men

88 Richard Goldsbury Veteran 40-49 Men

280 Richard Ussher Veteran 40-49 Men

266 Richie harding Veteran 40-49 Men

259 Ricky Brown Veteran 40-49 Men

58 Ricky Pincott Veteran 40-49 Men

46 ryan Hunter-wright Veteran 40-49 Men

181 Sam Worsp Veteran 40-49 Men

272 Sean McCarroll Veteran 40-49 Men

261 Simon Cobbald Veteran 40-49 Men

262 Stephen Cox Veteran 40-49 Men

268 Tony Hutcheson Veteran 40-49 Men

80 Will Young Veteran 40-49 Men

125 Anna Harnden-Taylor Veteran 40-49 Women

97 Anna Lambrechtsen Veteran 40-49 Women

123 Chris Bramwell Veteran 40-49 Women

127 Jane Lambert Veteran 40-49 Women

124 Karolyne Dunn Veteran 40-49 Women

128 Kirsty Moran Veteran 40-49 Women

129 Mandy Richards Veteran 40-49 Women

105 Melissa  Newell Veteran 40-49 Women

130 Sandy Vincent Veteran 40-49 Women

126 Zoe King Veteran 40-49 Women

2019 DME Ground Effect Ride Tops

2019 DME Ground Effect Ride Tops

We once again have for sale the wicked Ground Effect DME ride top. We’ve got two colour options in men’s and women’s, and they’re a bargain at $90. Order now. Once we have enough orders we’ll take ya money and can post to you or have for collection at the event. It’s all to easy like David Campese.



2019 Entries

Entries for the 2019 7th annual DME will be avalibale on the evening of November 12 at 7pm

A link will be placed in the event website


Entry fee will be $200 payable by NZ bank transaction, or contact us for any arrangements.

Entry includes - amazing chef cooked food each day, uplifts each day, event t shirt, a beverage or two from the Parrotdog Bar, an evet after function, free event photos from our epic photgraphers and over $10k in spot prizes from our epic sponsors.

Good luck


The Dates for the 7th Annual DME are February 2 and 3 2019.

The following week will see the Aorere Enduro held in Nelson, so if you’re into that kinda thing you should hang about.

Entries should be released around the start of November, give or take a few rainy days.


The DME crew


The drive to the gorge;


-         First half - new loose gravel, second half - potholes. Great combination. Take care.

-         Please drive with lights on on the Wairoa Gorge Roads.

-         Be aware of oncoming traffic. 

-         Keep your speed down.

-         There is signage up from brightwater to the site. 




0800 am – Registration opens

0830 am – Shuttle uplifts begin at the RZR bridge.

1100 am – Seeding run will be open for riders to race (from creamed rice skid)

1400 pm – Seeding run closes

1100am ish - Lunch is provided at Barrys flat (open for a few hours)

1500 pm – (Approx) Last uplift




-        You are given two maps in the registration pack, please take them with you

o   a race map with the seeding run and Sunday race runs

o   a trail map with all trails and manned marshal points on Saturday



-         Never ride alone, always stay in a group of two or more.

-         There are marshals with radios on the hill, (see your map for their locations) they are there to help, try to get to them in case of something going wrong and let them know.

-         Do not ride down the road other than between trails, be extra careful and keep out of the way of vehicles. Vehicles have the right of way on the roads.

-         We have medics at the top of the hill to respond to any problems there is also a triage tent at Barry’s Flat.


Seeding Run


-        The seeding run will be based from the shuttle drop off.

-        The seeding run will be open from 11 – 2pm.

-        Seeding results will be posted on Saturday evening. You will need to start in the order you      seed on all three race runs on Sunday.




-        If you have pre purchased and paid for merchandise pick it up at race rego.




-        Lunch will be served at Barrys Flat from 12pm

-        There is a coffee cart on site, bring cash

-        Bring plenty of snacks and drinks




-     B rad will be on site, he will cater to your every need. Bring more cash. 

DME Wider Training Squad for 2018 - UPDATED Jan 29

Please note

- The list is alphabetically arranged by surname and you've been put into you're categories. Age is at the 31 Dec 2018. Male sure you're in the correct category.

- If your name is spealt incorrectly it's your fault, please contact us, humbly apologise and we will 'look into it'. But seriously let us know.

Women Pro/Elite

Bex  Baraona

Harriet Harper

Ronja Hill-Wright

Anja McDonald

Rae Morrison

Amanda Pearce

Katy Winton

Women Senior 16-29  

Alice Baker

Emma Bateup

Jess Enlund

Christine Fay

Charlotte  Frost

Millie Heine

Caitlin Mitchell

Amanda Monk

Emily Noronha

Katie ONeill

Cati Pearson

Georgia Petrie

Robin Pieper

Amber Werensteyn

Women Masters 30-39  

Maiki Andersen

Deanna Clarke

Karen  Collins

Jess Copland

Tracey Dearlove

Pippa Holdom

Olivia Johnston

Alicja Marcinek

Jo Perrott

Meagan Robertson

Megan Rose

Renee Wilson

Women Veteran  

Mel Blomfield

Sarah Fox

Anna Lambrechtsen

Trish Wrigley

Male Pro/Elite  

Kieran Bennett

Sam Blenkinsop

Tom Bradshaw

Spencer Cathman

Bryn Dickerson

Carl Jones

Ben Karalus

Leighton Kirk

Cole Lucas

Jamie Lyall

Brook Macdonald

Kurt McDonald

Nigel McDowell

Jonas Meier

Joseph Nation

James Rennie

Sam Robbie

Sam Shaw

Leonard Sonntag

Matt Walker

Roman Wilhelmer

Male Senior 16-29  

Jamie Andrews

Thomas Ashley

Aitor Asurmendi

Todd Ballance

Thomas Barrett

Rani Bear

Reuben Bensemann

Hayden Benton

Tayne Birss

Jake Boylett

Tom Brownlee

John Butler

Hunter Chung

Nate Corrigan

Lachlan Cruickshank

Mitchell Currie

Tasman de Leeuw

Emil de Vries

Florian de Vries

Jake Donaldson

Carl  Edmondson

Celyn Edwards

Henry Evans

Gary  Fabish

Ferris Fairbairn

Joshua  Foster

Dominic Gauler

Ben Gibson

James Gilmour

Jake Glover

Clinton Gray

Erik Hall

Jordan Hampton - Osborne

Ben Harris

Max Hides

Cameron Hill

Zak Hogg

Pat Hutchinson

Jason Hylkema

Connor Jacob

Will Keay

Daniel Kuchler

Jay Lang

Tom Lowis

Mitchell Mackenzie-mol

Ben Marshall

Connor McCormick

Amani Mcintyre

Jarrod Mclauchlan

Reuben Miller

Sebastian Nicholson

Craig Oliver

Jake Paddon

Sam Paris

Jesee Patel

Nathan Petrie

Jordan Phipps

David Pons

Finn Richardson

christoph Riedel

Mike Robertson

Zante Stone

Brady Stone

Nathan  Sturrock

Niall Sutherland

Jason Thomsen

Harrison Trowbridge

Morgan Walker

Ryan Williamson

Mical Wilson

Ben Wurcker

Male Masters 30-39  

Brendon Ackroyd

Will Appelman

Matthew Austin

Matt Ayloff

Cameron Birch

Cam Bisset

Dave Blower

Hadley Boyce

Kiel Boynton

Michael Brake

Olivier  Buffet

William Buick

Rowan Bunting

Gary Campbell

Isaac Chamberlain

Jase Christie

Alex  Chronis

Jonathon Clearwater

Josh Cody

Bradley Collins

Jeff Collins

Alistair Davidson

Luke De Jager

Chris Dixon

Luke  Donaldson

James Duncan

Danijel Duvnjak

Scott Fellers

Matt Freeman

Joel Gebbie

Peter Gledhill

Alastair Gregory

Boyd Grinstead

Jason Gurr

Gareth Hallam

Grant Harris

Michael Hayward

Dan Hellyer

Jamie Higgins

TIm Holtrop

Noah Hosie

Matt Hunt

Andre Jaworski

logan jensen

Nick Kemp

Glenn Kempton

Matty King

dave king

Alex Kingsley

Gavin Knox

Matt Kristofski

Kurt Lancaster

Luke Leitis

Thomas Lindup

Jez Lodge

Ryan Luse

Brad Lyons

Chris Mancey

George Mazengarb

Michael McAllister

Cowboy Mcginnity

Hayden  McKay

Tom Mckinlay

Dayne Mcknight

Dan  McMullan

Ash Millar

Obed Moffitt

Morgan Moore

Daniel Morton

Mark Newton

Nico Piraud

Dan Raggett

Tristan Rawlence

Cole Read

Nick Reuther

Hernan Rios

Ali Rogers

Corey Russ

Craig Scott

Dale Scott

Tony Scott

Ryan Scott

Ben Shayler

Lewis Simpson

Dan Sims

Jono Skinner

Joe Stevens

Dan Taylor

Kevin  Toughey

Ben Walker

Nic Ward

Daniel Webster

Male Vet 40-49

Mike  Anderson

Jono Baddiley

Aaron Bleakley

Lee Buhagiar-Doyle

Jeff Carter

Brendan Clarke

Stephen  Cox

Andrew Cullen

Grant Day

Scott Emmens

Kevin English

Mark Gibbons

Richard Goldsbury

Simon Hall

aaron hogg

Luke Hollister

Ryan Hunter-Wright

Paul Jennings

Kashi Leuchs

Chris Manson

Sven Martin

Greg Meadows

Cam Osborne

Ricky Pincott

Glenn Richardson

Blair Rutledge

Gary Smith

Caleb Smith

Steve Sprague

Nicholas Sutcliffe

Arran  Tandy

Matt Thomas

Damon  Trenwith

Mat Wright

Chris Young

Will Young

Male Old Mates 50+  

Brian Alder

Rod  Bardsley

David Carlyon

Bruce  Chick

Alsastair Heine

Darryn Henderson

Brett Irving

John Jacob

Andrew Judd

Rhys Lyall

Gordon Mains

Geoff Mcalpine

Mildie Monster

Mike Spanbroek

Mike Stylianou

Matt Tebbs

Steve Thomas

Adrian Van't Hof

Barrie Wallington

Guy Wynn-Williams

Hard tailers

Florian de Vries (The dutch rudder)

Ashley Millar (Lady Killer)

Jake Boylett (The holder of the phallus)

Pat Hutchinson (The pride of golden bay)

Mathew Hunt (The rotorua chapter president, yoza)

Bradley Collins (Tiny hands collins)

Christoph Riedel (They cannot know I am russian reidel)

Will Appelman (An appel in a babys arm)

Nicolas Piraud (The foreign threat)

Lewis Simpson (Can do lew)

Dave Blower (doesnt need a nickname)

Ben Shayler (The southern slayer)

Aaron Bleakley (you may call me Goat)

Let me know if I've missed anyone..

The DME Competitor Update  - t minus a cuplee weeks

The big weekend is fast approaching. Hope you’re suitably prepared, what ever that means.


Couplee things for you to think about;

-       Information

Dates and times are all on the website and pretty much everything you need to know.  


-       Merchandise   

We have rad rad Ground Effect ride tops and Mons Royale hoodies for pre sale only. Closing tomorrow Monday 15t.  They will be very grumpy with me for ordering so late, so make the most of it.  If you want one buy it right now.  They are at retail or below and will have the DME logo on them.


 -       Transfers

This is the time that people unfortunately have those last minute crashes, and those ‘last minute’ realisations that there is actually no way they can get time off and should never had entered. If you fall into either category we will transfer entries until Jan 21. After that please let us know if you cant come but we cant garauntee refund or transfer.  Transfer form is here


 -       The Wairoa Gorge

There are still places available to get a pre ride in and you should start thinking now about locking in a weekend up there with ya mates after the race. It really is epic all year round. Barry’s hut is a mean spot to go and spend a weekend with ya mates. Keep supporting it and they’ll be able to keep it going, pretty simple really.


-       Bikes and equipment

Make sure they’re ready to go, book in for a service now. Dual plys are a no brainer on back and probably up front to be fair.  A hot tip is to add extra scuff tape to your stays, forks and top tube. Your bike is gonna do 5-7 trips up the hill on a shuttle trailer. Your bike will rub against someones brake lever, it’s a given, just be ready for it. B-rad cycles will be at the event offering tech support.

Gloves, knee pads and halmets are compulsory. Full face hemlets are recommended.

-        The Road

The drive out to the gore will likely be especially bumpy, dusty and generally niggly. Take it easy. Dont rush. 

-        Finally

What’s a dentists favourite time of day?



2018 DME

The 2018 6th annual DME will be held on 3 and 4 of February

Entries open on Monday 6th November 6pm.

The link will be here; www.dodzymemorialenduro.com/#entry-form

Entry fee -  $170-$180

Entry includes; 

- Food both days of the event

- Event T shirt

- Shuttles each day and timed runs on Sunday

- Tonnes of spot prizes


See you there




Hey all, hope all the last minute prep is going well. Be a good day for Peaking Ridge..

Here's the basics for tomorrow, everythings on the website, here it is in a nice small package.



Volunteers on site by 715am - briefing at 730am

Rego opens at 800am at Barrys Flat

First Shuttles at 830am

Seeding run from roughly 1000am at Irvines hut (one timed run each during the day)

Lunch from 1130am

Last Shuttles approx 300pm


Volunteers on site by 715am - briefing at 730am

Race Briefing 830am

Shuttles 900am

Racing starts 930am

Final runs start approx 1230pm

Prize giving roughly 330pm

Devilles after party 630pm-1200am (stuffed animal theme) 



We have lunch for you, we have coffee on site - bring cash. We have B Rad cycles on site - bring moar cash.

We have a limited number of spare race tops $55 bones each, bring cash.

Final, final start list is here on the news feed.

The road is signposted for the event from Brightwater - corner SH2 and River Valley rd.

Any last minute questions give us a bell -  dodzymemorialenduo@gmail.com


Happy days


The DME Crew



The final start list

We've had a few chops and changes, here's almost the final list for tomorrow;

9 Guy Wynn-Williams Male Legends Men 50+

17 Mildie Monster Male Legends Men 50+

27 Mike Stylianou Male Legends Men 50+

29 Rod Bardsley Male Legends Men 50+

38 Gordon Mains Male Legends Men 50+

42 Adrian Van't Hof Male Legends Men 50+

104 Murray Dwyer Male Legends Men 50+

134 Darryn Henderson Male Legends Men 50+

137 Dave Hicks Male Legends Men 50+

167 Geofff Mcalpine Male Legends Men 50+

171 Brendon Mcgrath Male Legends Men 50+

187 Patrick Murray Male Legends Men 50+

212 Ali Quinn Male Legends Men 50+

246 Dom Stulen Male Legends Men 50+

251 Matt Tebbs Male Legends Men 50+

262 Barrie Wallington Male Legends Men 50+


7 Lewis Simpson Male Masters Men 30-39

10 Matt Ayloff Male Masters Men 30-39

12 Shaun Kirton Male Masters Men 30-39

14 Tom Arnold Male Masters Men 30-39

19 Alex Hewton - Malins Male Masters Men 30-39

20 Tim Hunter Male Masters Men 30-39

25 Jez Lodge Male Masters Men 30-39

31 James Mulcahy Male Masters Men 30-39

33 Adam Wight Male Masters Men 30-39

41 Sam Knowles Male Masters Men 30-39

44 Brendon Ackroyd Male Masters Men 30-39

45 Steven Adams Male Masters Men 30-39

46 Tom Adams Male Masters Men 30-39

49 Jarrod Bang Male Masters Men 30-39

50 Matt Barker Male Masters Men 30-39

53 Douglas Battersby Male Masters Men 30-39

58 Hamish Berkett Male Masters Men 30-39

60 Adam Birch Male Masters Men 30-39

65 Hadley Boyce Male Masters Men 30-39

67 Kiel Boynton Male Masters Men 30-39

70 Michael Brake Male Masters Men 30-39

71 William Buick Male Masters Men 30-39

74 Rowan Bunting Male Masters Men 30-39

75 Mark Butler Male Masters Men 30-39

76 Scotty Cain Male Masters Men 30-39

77 Gary Campbell Male Masters Men 30-39

80 Ian Carswell Male Masters Men 30-39

82 Isaac Chamberlain Male Masters Men 30-39

86 Jonathon Clearwater Male Masters Men 30-39

89 Bradley Collins Male Masters Men 30-39

96 Mark Davidge Male Masters Men 30-39

102 James Duncan Male Masters Men 30-39

103 Danijel Duvnjak Male Masters Men 30-39

109 Scott Fellers Male Masters Men 30-39

111 Andrew Fitzgerald Male Masters Men 30-39

113 Matt Freeman Male Masters Men 30-39

116 Joel Gebbie Male Masters Men 30-39

117 Tom Baker Male Masters Men 30-39

122 Clinton Gray Male Masters Men 30-39

123 Alastair Gregory Male Masters Men 30-39

124 Matt Griffin Male Masters Men 30-39

125 Boyd Grinstead Male Masters Men 30-39

130 Gordon Hastings Male Masters Men 30-39

131 Michael Hayward Male Masters Men 30-39

133 Dan Hellyer Male Masters Men 30-39

138 Jamie Higgins Male Masters Men 30-39

140 Jeff Collins Male Masters Men 30-39

141 Clement Holgate Male Masters Men 30-39

142 Tim Holtrop Male Masters Men 30-39

143 Noah Hosie Male Masters Men 30-39

146 Andre Jaworski Male Masters Men 30-39

149 Curtis Johnstone Male Masters Men 30-39

154 Glenn Kempton Male Masters Men 30-39

156 Dave King Male Masters Men 30-39

162 Ally Mackay Male Masters Men 30-39

166 Michael Mcallister Male Masters Men 30-39

170 Cowboy Mcginnity Male Masters Men 30-39

172 Duane Mcgrath Male Masters Men 30-39

174 Hayden Mckay Male Masters Men 30-39

175 Dayle Mclauchlan Male Masters Men 30-39

180 Ash Millar Male Masters Men 30-39

182 Jeff Milne Male Masters Men 30-39

184 Tom Moore Male Masters Men 30-39

189 Scotty Newman Male Masters Men 30-39

190 Mark Newton Male Masters Men 30-39

196 James Parmenter Male Masters Men 30-39

200 Mark Penrice Male Masters Men 30-39

202 Lester Perry Male Masters Men 30-39

206 Ian Phillipps Male Masters Men 30-39

207 Tim Phillips Male Masters Men 30-39

209 John Postles Male Masters Men 30-39

211 Alex Potts Male Masters Men 30-39

213 Tristan Rawlence Male Masters Men 30-39

214 Cole Read Male Masters Men 30-39

215 Pieter Reichwein Male Masters Men 30-39

217 Nick Reuther Male Masters Men 30-39

219 Andy Richards Male Masters Men 30-39

229 Alistair Rogers Male Masters Men 30-39

234 Byron Scott Male Masters Men 30-39

236 Dan Sharpe Male Masters Men 30-39

238 Ben Shayler Male Masters Men 30-39

241 Matt Smith Male Masters Men 30-39

244 Marc Stewart Male Masters Men 30-39

249 Dan Taylor Male Masters Men 30-39

261 Andrew Wallace Male Masters Men 30-39

263 Nic Ward Male Masters Men 30-39

264 Oliver Whalley Male Masters Men 30-39

265 Cameron Whelan Male Masters Men 30-39

272 Dan Wooster Male Masters Men 30-39

16 Sarah Rawley Female Masters Women 30-39

30 Rachael Gurney Female Masters Women 30-39

72 Abbie Bull Female Masters Women 30-39

90 Katie Coluccio Female Masters Women 30-39

91 Jess Copland Female Masters Women 30-39

97 Tracey Dearlove Female Masters Women 30-39

105 Deanna Elvines Female Masters Women 30-39

108 Kristen Fellers Female Masters Women 30-39

148 Carrie Mclachlan Female Masters Women 30-39

163 Alicja Marcinek Female Masters Women 30-39

197 Amanda Pearce Female Masters Women 30-39

201 Jo Perrott Female Masters Women 30-39

203 Ashley Peters Female Masters Women 30-39

222 Sonja Rickenbacher Female Masters Women 30-39

227 Meagan Robertson Female Masters Women 30-39


231 Megan Rose Female Masters Women 30-39

266 Amelia Wilkins Female Masters Women 30-39

269 Renee Wilson Female Masters Women 30-39

1 Sam Blenkinsop Male Pro Elite Men

2 Wyn Masters Male Pro Elite Men

3 Jordan Prochyra Male Pro Elite Men

26 Chris Johnston Male Pro Elite Men

32 Jimmy Pollard Male Pro Elite Men

36 Zac Williams Male Pro Elite Men

39 Michael Cowlin Male Pro Elite Men

40 Jesse Melamed Male Pro Elite Men

43 Samuel Shaw Male Pro Elite Men

56 Kieran Bennett Male Pro Elite Men

69 Tom Bradshaw Male Pro Elite Men

98 Bryn Dickerson Male Pro Elite Men

114 Ben Friel Male Pro Elite Men

119 Ethan Glover Male Pro Elite Men

127 Loui Harvey Male Pro Elite Men

150 Carl Jones Male Pro Elite Men

157 Leighton Kirk Male Pro Elite Men

158 Kurt Lancaster Male Pro Elite Men

165 Edward Masters Male Pro Elite Men

178 Jonas Meier Male Pro Elite Men

179 Daniel Meilink Male Pro Elite Men

188 Joseph Nation Male Pro Elite Men

191 Jamie Nicoll Male Pro Elite Men

210 Reece Potter Male Pro Elite Men

216 Josh Reilly Male Pro Elite Men

242 Leonard Sonntag Male Pro Elite Men

273 Keegan Wright Male Pro Elite Men

276 David Mcmillan Male Pro Elite Men

278 Phil Atwill Male Pro Elite Men


4 Anja Mcdonald Female Pro Elite Women

5 Harriet Harper Female Pro Elite Women

6 Anka Martin Female Pro Elite Women

139 Ronja Hill-Wright Female Pro Elite Women

185 Rae Morrison Female Pro Elite Women

193 Katie O'neill Female Pro Elite Women


8 Mitch Mol Male Senior Men 16-29

18 Simon Finucane Male Senior Men 16-29

21 Jordan Phipps Male Senior Men 16-29

22 Zak Hogg Male Senior Men 16-29

23 Luke Donaldson Male Senior Men 16-29

28 Ben Hall Male Senior Men 16-29

35 Jesse Patel Male Senior Men 16-29

57 Hayden Benton Male Senior Men 16-29

59 Daniel Big Dog Smith Male Senior Men 16-29

64 Conal Boland-Bristow Male Senior Men 16-29

66 Jake Boylett Male Senior Men 16-29

68 Robbie Bradshaw Male Senior Men 16-29

78 Thomas Cappleman Male Senior Men 16-29

79 Steve Carpenter Male Senior Men 16-29

92 Patrik Corbett Male Senior Men 16-29

94 Mitchell Currie Male Senior Men 16-29

95 Sam Currie Male Senior Men 16-29

100 Marcus Drake Male Senior Men 16-29

107 Gary Fabish Male Senior Men 16-29

112 Jacob Freeman Male Senior Men 16-29

115 Dominic Gauler Male Senior Men 16-29

120 Jake Glover Male Senior Men 16-29

129 Colin Hastings Male Senior Men 16-29

132 Levi Healey Male Senior Men 16-29

135 Robbert Hervey Male Senior Men 16-29

144 Connor Jacob Male Senior Men 16-29

152 Peter Joynt Male Senior Men 16-29

153 Ben Karalus Male Senior Men 16-29

159 Jay Lang Male Senior Men 16-29

173 Amani Mcintyre Male Senior Men 16-29

176 Jarrod Mclauchlan Male Senior Men 16-29

177 Ben Mclaughlin Male Senior Men 16-29

181 Reuben Miller Male Senior Men 16-29

183 Obed Moffitt Male Senior Men 16-29

195 Cam Osborne Male Senior Men 16-29

205 Nathan Petrie Male Senior Men 16-29

220 Cameron Richards Male Senior Men 16-29

223 Christoph Riedel Male Senior Men 16-29

224 Glen Riley Male Senior Men 16-29

226 Matthew Roberts Male Senior Men 16-29

228 Mike Robertson Male Senior Men 16-29

235 Matthew Robinson Male Senior Men 16-29

245 Brady Stone Male Senior Men 16-29

253 Jason Thomsen Male Senior Men 16-29

254 Sydney Thorpe Wainwright Male Senior Men 16-29

255 Guy Trethewey Male Senior Men 16-29

256 Simon Tucker Male Senior Men 16-29

259 Rowan Van Lier Male Senior Men 16-29

267 Ryan Williamson Male Senior Men 16-29

268 Mical Wilson Male Senior Men 16-29

279 Dave Du Plessis Male Senior Men 16-29


15 Phoebe Coers Female Senior Women 16-29

48 Alice Baker Female Senior Women 16-29

52 Emma Bateup Female Senior Women 16-29

99 Cushla Donovan Female Senior Women 16-29

106 Jess Enlund Female Senior Women 16-29

155 Sarah Kerby Female Senior Women 16-29

198 Cati Pearson Female Senior Women 16-29

199 Sheryl Pearson Female Senior Women 16-29

204 Georgia Petrie Female Senior Women 16-29

271 Debra Brockelsby Female Senior Women 16-29


11 Richard Western Male Vet Men 40-49

24 Euan Mcintosh Male Vet Men 40-49

34 Paul Jennings Male Vet Men 40-49

37 Peter Adams Male Vet Men 40-49

47 Jono Baddiley Male Vet Men 40-49

51 Charlie Barton Male Vet Men 40-49

55 Nick Bedford Male Vet Men 40-49

61 Jeremy Blake Male Vet Men 40-49

62 Aaron Bleakley Male Vet Men 40-49

73 Mal Bull Male Vet Men 40-49

81 Jeff Carter Male Vet Men 40-49

83 Martin Chandler Male Vet Men 40-49

84 Chris Chisnall Male Vet Men 40-49

85 Brendan Clarke Male Vet Men 40-49

87 Cyril Clement Male Vet Men 40-49

93 Andrew Cullen Male Vet Men 40-49

101 Liam Drew Male Vet Men 40-49

110 John Fink Male Vet Men 40-49

118 Scott Gillanders Male Vet Men 40-49

121 Richard Goldsbury Male Vet Men 40-49

126 Todd Halsey Male Vet Men 40-49

128 Chris Haslett Male Vet Men 40-49

136 Jeremy Hickling Male Vet Men 40-49

145 John Jacob Male Vet Men 40-49

151 Pierre Jordan Male Vet Men 40-49

160 Simon Lawrence Male Vet Men 40-49

161 Mathew Lees Male Vet Men 40-49

164 Sven Martin Male Vet Men 40-49

168 Sean Mccarroll Male Vet Men 40-49

169 Brad Mcfarlane Male Vet Men 40-49

186 Graeme Murray Male Vet Men 40-49

192 Liam O'keeffe Male Vet Men 40-49

194 Brett Osborne Male Vet Men 40-49

208 Ricky Pincott Male Vet Men 40-49

218 Hugh Reynolds Male Vet Men 40-49

221 Glenn Richardson Male Vet Men 40-49

225 Hunter Robb Male Vet Men 40-49

230 John Rollston Male Vet Men 40-49

232 Blair Rutledge Male Vet Men 40-49

233 Dave Schaper Male Vet Men 40-49

237 Peter Shaw Male Vet Men 40-49

239 Brad Smith Male Vet Men 40-49

240 Gary Smith Male Vet Men 40-49

243 Mat St Amand Male Vet Men 40-49

247 Nicholas Sutcliffe Male Vet Men 40-49

248 Arran Tandy Male Vet Men 40-49

250 Nicholas Taylor Male Vet Men 40-49

252 Matt Thomas Male Vet Men 40-49

257 Jason Turner Male Vet Men 40-49

258 Trevor Van Bogaert Male Vet Men 40-49

260 Jonny Waghorn Male Vet Men 40-49

270 Christian Wingate Male Vet Men 40-49

274 Chris Young Male Vet Men 40-49

275 Will Young Male Vet Men 40-49

277 Paul Jackett Male Vet Men 40-49

280 Alistair Matthew Male Vet Men 40-49


13 Mandy Richards Female Vet Women 40-49

54 April Bedford Female Vet Women 40-49

63 Melanie Blomfield Female Vet Women 40-49

88 Elizabeth Clement Female Vet Women 40-49

147 Dinah Jerram Female Vet Women 40-49


Hey guys

We are getting very close to d day.

Big ups to the Nelson MTB crew, James and Tom who have been keeping the trails cleaned up.

Entry transfers are no closed, so if you can't make it at this stage just give us a heads up.

All info you need to know is on the website.

Any more questions give us a buz dodzymemorialenduro@gmail.com



DME Crew


Hey guys

All the info, including timetables, that you need for the 2017 DME is avaliable on the website, so check it out. If you are unsure of anything flick us an email - dodzymemorialenduro@gmail.com

Couple of things to note for now;

RIDE TOPS - We have a new design for 2017. ORDERS WILL CLOSE ON NOV 25, so order one now. Once we have closed the orders you'll receive an invoice to pay.  $45 each ORDER FORM

ENTRY TRANSFERS - You can transfer your entry, there is no charge. We need the new competitor to fill in the form and for you to email us so we know its legit. Its up to you to organise payment between yourselves. TRANSFER FORM email dmeentries@gmail.com






Here's the list, as it stands. (A couple of sponsors guests to be added)

We have a field of 280 for the 2017 DME. 

Get ready to rumble.

Male Pro - Elite riders

Kieran Bennett

Sam Blenkinsop

Tom Bradshaw

Michael Cowlin

Bryn Dickerson

Ben Friel

Ethan Glover

Loui Harvey

Carl Jones

Leighton Kirk

Kurt Lancaster

Justin Leov

Wyn Masters

Edward Masters

Jonas Meier

Daniel Meilink

Joseph Nation

Jamie Nicoll

Jimmy Pollard

Reece Potter

Daniel Self

Matt Walker

Male Senior 16-29

Ben Alloway

Hayden Benton

Jeremy Binns

Conal Boland-Bristow

Jake Boylett

Robbie Bradshaw

Gary Campbell

Patrik Corbett

Eden Cruise

Sam Currie

Mitchell Currie

Luke Donaldson

Marcus Drake

Gary Fabish

Simon Finucane

Jacob Freeman

Dominic Gauler

Jake Glover


Ben Hall

Levi Healey

Jamie Higgins

Jake Hood

Connor Jacob

Peter Joynt

Glenn Kempton

Jay Lang

Tom Lynskey

Cameron Mackenzie

Lincoln Mcbride

Jarrod Mclauchlan

Ben McLaughlin


Cam Osborne


Dirk Peters

Nathan Petrie

Tim Phillips

Jordan Phipps


Josh Reilly

Cameron Richards

Christoph Riedel

Glen Riley

Matthew Roberts

Mike Robertson

Chris Rouse

Brady Stone

Dom Stulen

Jason Thomsen


Simon Tucker

Andrew Wallace

Ryan Williamson

Mical Wilson

Andrew Yates

Male Masters 30-39

Tom Adams

Steven Adams

Matt Ayloff

Jarrod Bang

Matt Barker


Douglas Battersby

Hamish Berkett

Adam Birch

Hadley Boyce

Kiel Boynton

Michael Brake

William Buick

Rowan Bunting

Mark Butler

Ian Carswell

Isaac Chamberlain

Callum Chisnall

Jonathon Clearwater

Bradley Collins

Tim Davidson

James Duncan


Andrew Fitzgerald

Jeremy Forlong

Alastair Gregory

Matt Griffin

Boyd Grinstead

Sam Grummitt

Rich Harding

Gordon Hastings

Michael Hayward

Dan Hellyer

Simon Hellyer

Alex Hewton - Malins

Clement Holgate

Tim Holtrop

Noah Hosie

Tim Hunter

Andre Jaworski

curtis Johnstone

dave King

Mathew Lees

Anthony Lummis

Ally Mackay

Andrew Maddever

Michael McAllister

sean McCarroll

Cowboy McGinnity

Duane McGrath


Ash Millar

Jeff Milne

Tom Moore

James Mulcahy

Scotty Newman

Mark Newton

James Parmenter

Craig Pattle

Mark Penrice

Lester Perry

Ian Phillipps

John Postles

Alex Potts

Dan Raggett

Tristan Rawlence

Cole Read

Pieter Reichwein

Nick Reuther

Andy Richards

Alistair Rogers

nathan ryder

Byron Scott

John Seely

Dan Sharpe

Ben Shayler

Matt Smith

Marc Stewart

Dan Taylor

Nic Ward

Oliver Whalley

Cameron Whelan

Ben Woodward

Dan Wooster

Male Vet 40-49

Jono Baddiley

Nick Bedford

Ian Best

Jeremy Blake

Aaron Bleakley

Mal Bull


Sean Chan

Martin Chandler

Cyril Clement

Andrew Cullen

Liam Drew

John Fink

Richard Goldsbury

Kerry Halse

Todd Halsey

Chris Haslett


John Jacob

Daryl Kearns

Michael Kelliher

Sven Martin

Brad Mcfarlane

Graeme Murray

Brett Osborne

Ricky Pincott

Ali Quinn

Hugh Reynolds

John Rollston

Blair Rutledge

Dave Schaper

Peter Shaw

Brad Smith

Gary Smith

Mat St amand

Nicholas Sutcliffe

Arran Tandy

Nicholas Taylor


Jason Turner

Trevor Van Bogaert

Jonny Waghorn


Christian Wingate

Chris Young

Will Young

Euan McIntosh

Male Legends 50 +

Murray Dwyer

Darryn Henderson

Dave Hicks

Geofff Mcalpine

Max Mcalpine

Brendon McGrath

Mildie Monster

Tom Murphy


Mike Spanbroek

Gary Sulliven

Barrie Wallington

Female Pro - Elite riders

Harriet Harper

Ronja Hill-Wright

Anka Martin

Anja McDonald

Rae Morrison

Katie O'Neill

Megan Rose

Sasha Smith

Female Senior 16-29

Maiki Andersen

Alice Baker

Katie Coluccio

Rama Geeves

Sarah Kerby

Anna Naygrow

Cati Pearson

Sheryl Pearson

Georgia Petrie

Female Masters 30-39

Abbie Bull

Elizabeth Clement

Tracey Dearlove

cushla Donovan

Deanna Elvines

Kristen Fellers

alicja Marcinek

Amanda Pearce

Jo Perrott

Ashley Peters

Sonja Rickenbacher

Meagan Robertson

Nicole Swain

Amelia Wilkins

Renee Wilson

Female Vet 40-49

Emma Bawtree

April Bedford

Melanie Blomfield

Dinah Jerram

Mandy Richards






DME Entries sold out

Hey guys

There are two reactions to reading this post. Basically F##k or F##k Yeah boi

If your reaction is not so positive - i.e. F##k, then you'd best fill in the form below, there maybe a few places left up our sleeves yet and will no doubt be some withdrawls in which case we will draw names from this list. We're genuinely gutted that we can't share this event with everyone, its about the only negative involved, that and moving the portaloo on a trailer from creamed ride skid after a long hot weeekend.


The other massive opportunity to get amongst The Gorge is presented by the Nelson MTB club, head to their website www.nelsonmtb.club to find out more about what they have cooking up the gorge.

For the record that was 200 places in 1.36sec. Little bit slower than normal.. 

Cheers for supporting the Dodzy Memorial Enduro




DME 2017 Ride tops

We've got a sick new ride top available this year thanks to www.loose-riders.com

There is only a mens cut, so ladies just order a size down.

The tops are generally a loose fit, so if you want it a bit tighter go a size down too. I run a size down personally, its gives good definition of the chest and biceps, nips tend to get a bit chaffed in the cold however.

We have to have a minimum order, so to start with you can order then once we get enought total orders we'll confirm your order and ask you for some $$. We expect to close orders by about Nov 20. 

Cost is $45.  PRE ORDERS ONLY

Tops will be available for pick up at the event. If you require them to be sent to you just give your address and we will send it + shipping costs.

Order Here 


We feel like this may have been prolonged enough. Theres probably vomit on your sweater already...

The DME Entry Form will be posted here on the event website on SUNDAY OCTOBER 30 at 7pm

We reserve a handful of places for sponsors and couple of friends of Dodzy and the event, but there will be about 210 of 260 places up for grabs.  

There will be a little more info coming soon. 

Entry fee will almost definitely be $160. TBC. Payment will be expected straight away. No lay-by. 

p.s. Don't forget our cuzzies NZ Enduro are opening entries this weekend, Oct 16.