Hey guys

There are two reactions to reading this post. Basically F##k or F##k Yeah boi

If your reaction is not so positive - i.e. F##k, then you'd best fill in the form below, there maybe a few places left up our sleeves yet and will no doubt be some withdrawls in which case we will draw names from this list. We're genuinely gutted that we can't share this event with everyone, its about the only negative involved, that and moving the portaloo on a trailer from creamed ride skid after a long hot weeekend.


The other massive opportunity to get amongst The Gorge is presented by the Nelson MTB club, head to their website www.nelsonmtb.club to find out more about what they have cooking up the gorge.

For the record that was 200 places in 1.36sec. Little bit slower than normal.. 

Cheers for supporting the Dodzy Memorial Enduro