Hey all, hope all the last minute prep is going well. Be a good day for Peaking Ridge..

Here's the basics for tomorrow, everythings on the website, here it is in a nice small package.



Volunteers on site by 715am - briefing at 730am

Rego opens at 800am at Barrys Flat

First Shuttles at 830am

Seeding run from roughly 1000am at Irvines hut (one timed run each during the day)

Lunch from 1130am

Last Shuttles approx 300pm


Volunteers on site by 715am - briefing at 730am

Race Briefing 830am

Shuttles 900am

Racing starts 930am

Final runs start approx 1230pm

Prize giving roughly 330pm

Devilles after party 630pm-1200am (stuffed animal theme) 



We have lunch for you, we have coffee on site - bring cash. We have B Rad cycles on site - bring moar cash.

We have a limited number of spare race tops $55 bones each, bring cash.

Final, final start list is here on the news feed.

The road is signposted for the event from Brightwater - corner SH2 and River Valley rd.

Any last minute questions give us a bell -  dodzymemorialenduo@gmail.com


Happy days


The DME Crew