The big weekend is fast approaching. Hope you’re suitably prepared, what ever that means.


Couplee things for you to think about;

-       Information

Dates and times are all on the website and pretty much everything you need to know.

-       Merchandise   

We have rad rad Ground Effect ride tops and Mons Royale hoodies for pre sale only. Closing tomorrow Monday 15t.  They will be very grumpy with me for ordering so late, so make the most of it.  If you want one buy it right now.  They are at retail or below and will have the DME logo on them.

 -       Transfers

This is the time that people unfortunately have those last minute crashes, and those ‘last minute’ realisations that there is actually no way they can get time off and should never had entered. If you fall into either category we will transfer entries until Jan 21. After that please let us know if you cant come but we cant garauntee refund or transfer.  Transfer form is here

 -       The Wairoa Gorge

There are still places available to get a pre ride in and you should start thinking now about locking in a weekend up there with ya mates after the race. It really is epic all year round. Barry’s hut is a mean spot to go and spend a weekend with ya mates. Keep supporting it and they’ll be able to keep it going, pretty simple really.

-       Bikes and equipment

Make sure they’re ready to go, book in for a service now. Dual plys are a no brainer on back and probably up front to be fair.  A hot tip is to add extra scuff tape to your stays, forks and top tube. Your bike is gonna do 5-7 trips up the hill on a shuttle trailer. Your bike will rub against someones brake lever, it’s a given, just be ready for it. B-rad cycles will be at the event offering tech support.

Gloves, knee pads and halmets are compulsory. Full face hemlets are recommended.

-        The Road

The drive out to the gore will likely be especially bumpy, dusty and generally niggly. Take it easy. Dont rush. 

-        Finally

What’s a dentists favourite time of day?