Hey guys, just some quick notes that we would really like you to check out before coming along on Saturday.



It’s a biggy, don’t be fooled by what ever the weather is on the day it’s still major.  Fire will will move quickly. Our plan is to have the means on site to monitor potential fires starting at anticipated risk zones and put them out quickly. If an event occurs we plan to stop you all the first time you see a marshal and guide you to a safe route to a skid side, then to Barry’s flat, then off property.  We have support from the fire service who are well aware of what we are doing and where are confident in our plans. We want you to do and consider the following things;

-       NO SMOKING or any other flames or combustibles on site.

-       VEHICLES are the biggest risk, when coming to site don’t pull over in long grass. Be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious keep coming into the park and let us know. We will have two vehicles on the road in with comms and means to put out a small fire. When you arrive in site you’ll park in the field at Poms flat (its sign posted), we will supervise it for potential fires starting later.  Everyone must park in that field, do not park at Barry’s flat, in an emergency we need to use that area.

-       While riding keep you eyes open, its generally the most efficient way to see what’s in front of you, if you see anything like a fire use your map (provided at rego) to navigate to the next Marshall and inform them. If you are beneath the marshalls get to Barrys flat or pick up area.

-       If there is a fire, stay at Barrys flat if you are there or get to a marshall. Marshals will inform you if anything is going on as you get to them.

-       Don’t leave site in an emergency with out being told to or informing us, we need to account for everybody.

-       Don’t call 111 or any other emergency services in an emergency, tell a marshal, they can radio race management and have it sorted.

-       Extinguishers, it would be ideal if there was one in every car coming to site, if you have one. If you have small portable ones, put it in ya backpack. Seriously.



-       There will be no spectating on the trails on Saturday

-       Spectating on Sunday is ok, but spectators must sign in and get a wrist band at Rego. They will then be tols where they can go. There will only be two spectating positions, one at the end of stage 1 and one at the end of stage 3. We cannot afford to have spectators on site that we can’t account for and they cannot be more than a 10 min walk from Barry’s Flat, sorry, but that’s that.

-       Spectators coming late must still sign in and must park in main carpark. If someone blocks the road, the car goes in the river.. well, we probably


-       The roads in good condition, but it is dusty. Watch following distances, have lights on. Respect other road users. BE VERY CAREFUL IF PULLING OVER, hot cars + dry vegetation = game over

-       wont but we will be very upset with you. Don’t park on or beside any road ways.

-       Only park in the designated carpark



-       We have  ride tops for those that pre ordered to pick up at the event.

-       There are a limited number of DME singlets that can be purchased this year. $35 each, bring cash. First in, first served.

-       We have some DME stickers, Gold coin donation, money goes to a charity (haven’t decided yet, let us know if you have any ideas)

-       All of this is available at REGO.

-       COFFEE – Tracy is on site, bring Cash



-       Register when you arrive at Barrys flat.

-       Rego open at 8am.

-       You will get timing chip at Irvines hut (shuttle drop off) when you go to your seeding run, it will be clear, ask if you’re not sure.



-       We will confirm what times it will be open at Breifing



-       We will have a briefing on Saturday at 830am, Compulsory. If you arrive late we will brief you at rego, you will also be given a sheet with map and briefing notes.

-       The Sunday Briefing will be at 830 am also.



-       We always have massive congestion during the first run’s of the morning,  We have vehicles capacity to move 160 people in one run of our convoys, there are 280 people. MATHS. We’ve considered different options, but ultimately can’t see a way around it that isn’t way too much admin to organize. Be patient, have a coffee, do some stretching.  When you do your first run, make it a big one, go up Gibbs peak, have a pedal. Doing a quick run first will only make the congestion worse.



-       Tom Jerram and the team are on site. I doubt you would get a more qualified crew of medics at a bike event anywhere, use them. Call us via our marshalls who are all over the hill. There will be triage at Barry’s flat for cuts and  whatevers.

-       CONCUSSION – Tom has a concussion app he would like you to download to self assess, it’s a really good idea.  Its at the bottom of this document, please download.  Please don’t beat around the bush with this, if you hit your head let us know. We don’t want your head on our head.

-       The Heat will be an issue, come prepared, drink water, replace electrolytes.

-       Wasps have been baited, they are still present in some places. Gibbs peak being one. If you have allergies let us know if you haven’t already.



-       There is a group ride for MCGAZZA in Richmond on Friday night, info below or on our facebook page or MCGazza’s facebook page.



-       If you were placed in the wrong category we need to know, if you have emailed us we will correct by Saturday. When you sign in at Seeding run it’s easy as to change so don’t stress.  The Starting list with categories is on the website under NEWS tab. (it hasn’t been edited since posting, so if you’ve emailed us, again, we are on it, but don’t have time to edit)

-       Categories are based on you age at the END of 2019.




-       If you need to know anything else check the website. Or email or message us, don’t call,  we are out and about. See you out there, thanks for supporting the DME

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HitCheck concussion app instructions for riders.jpg