We have once again invited the cream of NZ Crown racers to attend the DME.

This year the invite goes to the top 5 men and women enduro riders.

We're also stoked to announce the DME is again a gold ranked NZ Crown Event.

Yeeeeah man!


Wyn Masters

Carl Jones

Matt Walker

Samuel shaw

Jimmy Pollard


Raewyn Morrison

Meg Bichard

Rosara Joseph

Sasha Smith

Natalie Jakobs

To find out how you compare to these guys check out the website, or maybe don't… your call.



Entries for the 2016 DME open on Sunday Sept 27 at 7.00pm

An entry link will be placed on the website and also on the facebook event page at that time.

- Be on your computer at 7 sharp

- Get your autofill sorted

- Good luck


Here are the fields for the entry form;




Age Category (age at the end of 2016)






Email Address



Emergency contact person

Emergency contacts number

Medical conditions

- yes/no (if yes we will contact you)

Payment (acknowledgement that you will pay)

Bike wheel size 

T Shirt Size

Food requests

- vegetarian

- gluten free

- other

Risk Waiver




2016 Date Announcement

2016 Date Announcement

The Wairoa Gorge Crew is stoked to announce the 4th annual DME will be held at the Wairoa Gorge (near Nelson) on February 6 and 7 next year.

It’s hard to believe that almost 4 years has passed since James ‘Dozdy’ Dodd’s tragic accident.  It’s a loss that is still felt here at Wairoa and around the NZ mountain bike community.  We’re happy to see the DME has evolved into a pretty fitting tribute with a big social focus as well as some wild, goofy grin inducing, riding and racing.

This years event will follow the same format as previous years with a shuttle day on the Saturday and timed runs on the Sunday. The former Saturday night debrief at Deville will be conveniently moved to Sunday night, post event, with Monday being a recognised public holiday and a chance to recharge and travel home.

200 entries will be made available to the public in the coming months with some debate taking place currently as to whether there will be a ballot or a first in first served entry system. We will let you know the outcome. Entry fees are expected to stay at $150.

We are wrapped to have the support of some awesome sponsors, and a spot prize pool of about $10000 is expected, so pretty much everyone’s a winner.  The biggest prizes on offer a Santa Cruz frame and our Golden Ticket which is arguably better than old mate Willy Wonka’s.

Hopefully this will motivate you even more to get out riding on those freezing evenings and weekends and lift your riding to another level. One thing’s for sure, the trails aren’t going to get any easier.



You knew the DME was already a nice mountain bike race.. We'll now we've made it 'real nice' with a cold hard beer injection.. Parrotdog are on board to keep you refreshed with tasty beverages during the event. If you don't know what Parrotdog is we suggest you go do some research.  But please - Research Responsibly


Must Watch: 2015 Dodzy Memorial Enduro Recap

Must Watch: 2015 Dodzy Memorial Enduro Recap

It’s taken us a little while to get this up but better late than never, right? This clip from Spoke filmer Ross Mackay captures the chilled out vibe that encapsulates what it’s like to be at Wairoa Gorge for the Enduro: shredding amazing trails, remembering a friend and a little bit of racing. Enjoy.

Originally posted in Spoke Magazine.

Sam Blenkinsop is the Pro Elite Winner

Sam Blenkinsop is the Pro Elite Winner

If you were near the finish line of the Dodzy Memorial Enduro on Sunday, and witnessed Sam Blenkinsop almost chase down Justin Leov you may have been a little confused when the final results were read out and Kieran Bennett was announced the winner with Justin in second just one second behind. Both Justin and Kieran were pretty positive Sam had beat them and after some number crunching, reviewing of finish times, talking to the starter and reviewing the start times of riders near Sam, it’s clear that he didn’t register a start time in the final run, meaning he went from a podium finish to last in the results.

Organiser Nick Crocker stated: “We can be confident to a 10 second margin of what the riders’ actual times were and are happy to change the results on that basis”.

Kieran Bennett had this to say: “Watching Sam hunting down Justin at the end of stage two and three we all felt like Sam had the win pretty well wrapped up so obviously I was confused when I was announced as the winner and Sam wasn’t even in the top three. I felt bad there had been a stuff up with his time and I’m really glad it has been all sorted out and now he has got the trophy he deserves. I’m still really stoked to be second and to even be on the same podium with Sam and Justin is a massive achievement for me.”

And Justin Leov had this to say about the outcome: “It was obvious Sam had won to me and it’s why I said something at the podium. I was counting the time gaps each stage and he was putting in consistent runs. I knew the speed I had was fast but crashed in the first two stages, one of which I counted 20 seconds before I could get back up on course.”

The final results see Sam Blenkinsop some 30 seconds ahead in first place with Kieran Bennett in second and Justin Leov in third. Final times on the results page will be updated soon.

And out of all the 250 racers out at Wairoa Gorge over the weekend this timing mishap happened to one other rider, Sam Knowles, and it turns out he was also in podium contention for the Masters category. After reviewing start times around his start, the Masters podium changes a little with Hayden McKay still in first, Sam Knowles in second and Ben Shayler in third.

Originally posted in Spoke Magazine.

2015 Dodzy Memorial Enduro Tribute Video

2015 Dodzy Memorial Enduro Tribute Video

On Friday Spoke film maker Ross Mackay and Caleb headed into Wairoa Gorge to work on a video and photos to showcase the Gorge trails, but most importantly, to try and capture what the Dodzy Memorial Enduro event represents and what it means to New Zealand mountain bikers as well as those closest to him.

Originally posted in Spoke Magazine.