We've got a few of Dodzy's mates to say a few words about him and share some stories.

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The dry dusty action from 2017 - the 5th Annual DME - shot by John Colthorpe - eivomedia

We invited Spoke Magazine and John Colthorpe (Eivomedia) to come and join the trail crew for a days riding before the 2017 DME. It was an awesome day, with many old stories shared, trails shred and the old spirit and banter re kindled. This is the Wairoa Gorge - As Told By The Trails shot by John Colthorpe - eivomedia

This is the story of Dodzy, NZ Trail Solutions and how the Wairoa Gorge was born. Featuring fellow NZ Trail Solutions Director Jeff Carter. Trail Crew; Ash Miller (Lady Killer), Jamie Nicoll and Wyn Masters. RHL's Gary Chikites. Shot by Stashmediaworx

This is a great bit sized wrap up edit of the 4th annual DME. The year the sun shone down and the dust floated up. Shot by Stashmediaworx

This clip captures the chilled out vibe that encapsulates what it’s like to be at Wairoa Gorge for the Enduro: shredding amazing trails, remembering a friend and a little bit of racing. Enjoy. Shot by Stash Media Worx.

Why we ride the DME, the memory of the man, the legend of the Wairoa Gorge all rolled into one. Justin Leov, Gabby Molloy, Sam Blenkinsop, Matt Scoles and Kieran Bennett discuss what the race means to them and what made him such a special character to the NZ and global riding community. Shot by Stash Media Worx.